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Studio STIMAMIGLIO Concept Luxury Design is specialised and focused on residential Interior Design.
The project approach starts with an in-deep understanding of the client, trying to make them come true his expectations, his needs, his ambitions and, last but not least, the true personal taste to adopt, to be used in the realisation.



The project itself is conducted with deep details' attention, focusing on the materials, the colours, the lights and the furnitures, which all together will create emotions, and sensations of well being.
The constant collaboration with selected craftsmanships, after years of experience, goes to the realisation of the project, in every single part, as required by the client.
Studio STIMAMIGLIO Concept Luxury Design is able to deliver a tailor-made house, responding to the expectations and needs of his client.



Studio STIMAMIGLIO Concept Luxury Design staff is experienced to give a full consulting in every aspect of the realisation, from the project from scratch to restructuring, to design show room set up, shops, office spaces and exhibition fair stands.


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